I had the best time singing and recording Pumpkin Pie which is dedicated to my sister Lolie.  A special thanks to all of the mini musicians/future-super-stars for helping me with this song.  Too bad you couldn’t be any cuter :)


This song is called “Back Off” and off my upcoming Scarlett EP.  I was super inspired by New York and Musical Theater when I wrote this song, and of course a certain person that was driving me crazy!  I hope you like it :) 

Check out my friend Katrina’s awesome photography blog!

Check out my friend Katrina’s awesome photography blog!

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Here is another track from my upcoming Scarlett EP. It’s a sad one, but one of my favorites. Can you relate?

Check out the video for my song Numb, from my upcoming EP! I think, to date, this is one of my favorite songs that I’ve written, and I was so happy to have my friends Cindy Chou and Ann Chang playing clarinet and violin on it.  It made the experience extra special :)  They were great cheerleaders,  spending all those hours trying to get the song all worked out in those tiny UW practice rooms, and I couldn’t have done it without them! 

I can’t believe it’s actually HAPPENING!  On Feb. 25th 2014 I’m finally releasing my long lost Scarlett EP (which has been siting collecting dust on a hard drive for 5 years now literally)!

This is a video about making the album and why it took me so long to release it. (I have no idea why the thumb nail pic is so weird but the video is better than the pic I promise!)

Thank you to my friends Cindy Chou, Ann Chang, Lauren Roth and Jacques Willis for playing on my EP back in the good old rainy Seattle days.

Most importantly, this album is dedicated to my Grandma Dorris who first inspired me to become a musician. RIP Grandma I love you.

- j.a.

Here is a brand new video of my live performance at Witzend of my song “Sunny Lemonade”.  I wrote this song on New Years Day reflecting back on a year full of contrast living in LA.  This song is incredibly emotional  and hard for me to sing, but I really love it and hope you do too.  I was with my Grandpa this week, and looking at old 1950’s family footage and got inspired to make this backdrop for the song! Yes, my Papa is the little boy running around half naked in it!   Enjoy:)

Good Lord I absolutely love Priscilla Ahn!

Thanks Dan and Kevin for having me on your awesome Barking Mad Podcast.  I love you guys!

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